Brand and web design for AlulaCreative Lab for curious minds.

Alula offers workshops and classes for kids and youngsters and a place for the normalization of a second language (English, Spanish, German) through a various range of creative activities. It is meant as meeting place for moms and dads, literature enthusiasts and lovers of the arts.

Alula is the name of a double star made of an orange giant and a yellow dwarf that is part of Ursa Major in our sky. In Arabic, Alula means “the first spring”. In Latin it means “winglet”, and it designates the group of feathers that corresponds with the freely moving first digit, a bird's “thumb”, that helps birds take off and land.

I wanted to do something playful and attarctive for the kids. The open hand references the manual work, the arts and crafts (theye are lots of hands on the pictures in the website!) And then this idea of the universe in your hand, that of course references the star Alula, but it also talks about a whole world of possibilities that open through creative work.