Los Sótanos del Mundo

Cover illustration for Libros del KO

In Los sótanos del mundo (The Basements of the World). Ander Izagirre narrates the expedition of a group of passionate travelers, lead by Josu Iztueta, to the lowest points on Earth from continent to continent. From Death Valley in North America to Lake Eyre in Australia, Laguna del Carbón in South America, the Caspian Sea in Europe, the Dead Sea in Asia, and Lake Assal in Africa, the group will encounter fascinating characters and amazing stories. This book is a wonderful insight into the lives of those inhabiting the depressions of the Earth.

There is a chapter in the book for each continent so I was comissione d to draw a map with the highlights of the journey in each destination. All the maps are included in the book.

Detendrán mi río

Cover illustration for Libros del KO

Cover illustration for Detendrán mi río (They will stop my River) by journalist Virginia Mendoza.

A story of uprooting and submerged memories, Virginia Mendoza recovers the silenced voices of those who inhabited this now underwater town.

Furious Hours

Cover illustration for Libros del KO

Cover illustration for the Spanish edition of Furious Hours, (Horas Cruentas) the story of the unfinished book of Harper Lee. By amercian writer and journalist Casey Cep.

In 1977 Harper Lee traveled to Alabama to write the gruesome and fascinating story of reverend Maxwell. She spent years knocking on doors in Lake Martin. But, after tons of notes, long nights of writing, the adoption of a black cat, and countless interviews, the book never saw the light.

Losing Horse

Cover illustration for Libros del KO

Cover Illustration for Caballo Perdedor (Losing Horse), a chronicle about an enthusiastic group of migrant people launching the first candidacy with the lead of a Latino candidate for the municipal elections of the city of Madrid.

Marina Hernández writes this beautiful story about a group of people fighting for their visibility and presence in the public sphere in a process of political awareness. The writer shared this journey through the election campaign with the Colombian journalist Álvaro Hernández and his team to bring us this tender story of diversity and inclusiveness and the relativity of the term victory.