The Specter of Peñacastillo

Illustration for Issue Nº 17 of Principia Magazine focused on terror. The specter of Peñacastillo by Autiblog tells a story of autism, the sea as an escape, a Spanish asylum in the early 20th century, and an intriguing encounter with a surrealist artist.

Hildegard von Bingen

Illustration for Issue Nº 16 of Principia Magazine focused on about science and music. The illustration is for an article by Elisa Garrido about the fascinating Hildegard von Bingen, German Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, mystic, visionary, and medical writer and practitioner from the Middle Ages.

She is best-known as composer of sacred monophony and is considered by scholars to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany.

The Graduate

Illustration for Issue Nº 14 of Principia Magazine for a text by Bernardo Herradón about the movie The Graduate.

This Issue is the second number of a wonderful compilation of articles and illustrations on the intersection of science and cinema, featuring all-time classics like The Graduate, Rainman, and Mary Poppins, but also series like Fringe or Outlander and animation masterpieces like Ponyo from the amazing Hayao Miyazaki.

Not today, darling. I have a headache

Illustration for Issue Nº 12 of Principia Magazine.

This is the second Issue dedicated to Science and Diversity, but this time instead of being focused on specific people, if focuses on the technical advances that contribute to inclusion. I am illustrating an article about migraine by Patricia Rodríguez. Through her personal experience, she guides us through its incapacitating effect on the people that suffer it, and gives us a glimpse into the latest possibilities for its treatment.

Helen Keller

Illustration for Principia #11 for a story about Helen Keller written by Ángel Abellán

This new issue features amazing stories of incredible people with disabilities and how they fought to be seen in a world that is usually not leaving much space for them. Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree and she became a prolific author, campaigning for women's suffrage, labor rights, and socialism. Her learning experience with her teacher and friend Anne Sullivan impacted the deaf community and she is remembered as an advocate for people with disabilities.

Other amazing illustrated stories about: Temple Grandin, Humphry Davy, Josh Nash, Hildegarda de Bingen, Stephen Hawking, John Dalton, Charles Léo Lesquereux, artist Yayoi Kusama o poet Jennifer Bartlett.

For accessibility purposes, it will also be published as a podcast. The first episode about Nansie Sharpless is already available.

Future Technology

Illustrations for the 104 Issue of Yorokobu Magazine for an article by Mar Abad about the future of technology and the tendency of written word to disappear in favor of images and sound in our communications.

Art Direction: Luis B

The Infantilization of Western Culture

Illustrations for the article “The Infantilization of Western Culture”,  by Mar Abad, about and the worship of Youth in our culture. 96 issue of Yorokobu.

Art Direction: LuisB


Illustrations for the article "Flâneuse: Women conquer the city" by Mar Abad for Issue 88 of Yorokobu.

The article deals with the unsafety of women in urban space and the necessity of thinking of changes in its structure and rhythm to fight it. It also reclaims the right to flânerie that has for this and other reasons been almost exclusively appropriated by men.

Art Direction: LuisB

Christmas Tales

Cover for the Christmas Issue of the monthly magazine La Marea. Writers Mercedes Cebrián, Daniel Bernabé, José Ovejero, Edurne Portela, Eugenia Rico and Isaac Rosa dive into the consumerism craze of Christmas shopping in the emblematic department stores "El corte Inglés".


Cover illustration for Issue 61 of Yorokobu Magazine.

In this Illustration for the cover of Yorokobu Magazine, I wanted to play with the idea of a sound underwater that would be barely audible or be heard with a strange distorsion. And how the impulse of making that sound created all this movement of the w ater and kept the character suspended upside down. She has something of a nymph with that undetermined outfit and she´s looking straight at us in this rare instant. I wanted to draw something very sensorial, a drawing that you could feel.