Helen Keller

Illustration for Principia #11 for a beautiful story about Helen Keller written by Ángel Abellán. In this new issue, you will find amazing stories of incredible people with disabilities and how they fought to be seen in a world that is usually not leaving much space for them. Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree and she became a prolific author, campaigning for women's suffrage, labor rights, and socialism. Her learning experience with her teacher and friend Anne Sullivan impacted the deaf community and she is remembered as an advocate for people with disabilities.
Other amazing illustrated stories about: Temple Grandin, Humphry Davy, Josh Nash, Hildegarda de Bingen, Stephen Hawking, John Dalton, Charles Léo Lesquereux, artist Yayoi Kusama o poet Jennifer Bartlett. 

For accessibility purposes, it will also be published as a podcast. The first episode about Nansie Sharpless is already available

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