“It had become a different Place anyway” is a project developed in Berlin between September and October 2009, with the support of a grant awarded by AVAM (Professional Association of Visual Artists in Madrid). The work deals with the dismantling process of the Palast der Republik that took place in Berlin during 34 months between 2006 and 2008.

In one hand, I made a series of drawings that show different moments of both the construction and the dismantling, mixing together, accompanied by sentences taken from testimonies of people that were related to this building at some point of its hectic history.

The other part of the project consisted on tracking one of the glass pieces that covered the outside of the building. Considering an alleged location of the glass on the side of the building that was in front of the Berliner Dom (and reflected it), and the assignation of a coordinate on that facade, I collected fragments of photographs contained in that specific window. The fragments are projected on a reflecting material generating a new reflection on the wall. The projection goes together with a drawing showing the assumed location of the glass on the facade of the building.

The work was shown for the first time in Berlin, at the end of the residency at the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft in an exhibition together with artist Andrés Senra, under the title “Of uncertain Places”. 

The drawings were also shown at Arco International Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid as part of the exhibition of the awarded artists by ABC Art Awards 2010.