Los sótanos del mundo

Cover Illustration and maps for "Los sótanos del mundo" (Something like: The Basements of the World). Ander Izagirre narrates this expedition of a group of passionate travelers, lead by Josu Iztueta, to the lowest points on Earth from continent to continent. From Death Valley in North America to Lake Eyre in Australia, Laguna del Carbón in South America, the Caspian Sea in Europe, the Dead Sea in Asia, and Lake Assal in Africa, the group will encounter fascinating characters and amazing stories. This book is a wonderful insight into the lives of those inhabiting the depressions of the Earth.

Published by Libros del KO


North America - Death Valley (-86 m)

Australia - Lake Eyre (-15 m)

South America - Laguna del Carbón (-105 m)

Europe - Caspian Sea (-28 m)

Asia - Dead Sea (-411 m)

Africa - Lake Assal (-157 m)