Segawa Gardens, named after phycologist Sokichi Segawa, is a proud local Botanical Garden that hosts one of the most renowned seaweed collections in the world.
This botanical garden wants to serve as a community node as much as it aims to share its passion for the Plant World.
The app for Segawa Gardens is a tool that serves three purposes: communicate the events taking place (from symposiums to workshops for children) to their recurring audience, which is mostly local families and individuals; share their thorough specimen collection with a wider audience, and guide their visitors through their visit to the gardens.

Design Process


For this project, all Illustrations were made with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, and the UI Design was made exclusively in Sketch. 

Resulting Design

Style Guide

I created this style guide to establish the basic visual guidances to consider when engaging with the user interface design and help me structure the process.

Images used in this project by: cottonbro studio
Marcus AureliusKetut SubiyantoAndrea PiacquadioluiisrtzCharles Parker,  Michelle Leman and David Clode.