I teach illustration and comic workshops for children between 8 and 11 years old in the Spanish bookstore Bartleby & Co. Berlin

Since March 2020, I am also teaching illustration for kids in the spanish-german school Lemgo Schule in Kreuzberg. 

If you are in Berlin and you are interested in organizing workshops in your school, cultural association, bookstore, library, or any other space where people get together to think, create and share, I would be more than pleased to send you a proposal. I can teach in English, German, and of course, Spanish.

The classes can be in workshop format from 1 to 3 days or in a longer term format with a project to develop together within the group.

I try to focus on the potential of narrative through drawing, and how drawing helps us think about what surrounds us and how we choose to represent our world. I like to encourage children to think together and get involved with each other’s ideas in the process, as in my experience, it has always been my peers that I have learned the most from.

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